Why? What is the purpose?

Can someone point me to a quick intro on why someone would want to use aiohttp? There are lots of detailed docs on how to use it, but nothing on why one would want to use it. I’ve been through the entire TOC at https://docs.aiohttp.org/en/stable/

What does it offer? What are the benefits? What makes it different to other python http client/server solutions? The docs and FAQ don’t say anything about this.


Does this page explain what you mean:

Third-Party libraries

aiohttp is not the library for making HTTP requests and creating WEB server only.

It is the grand basement for libraries built on top of aiohttp.

This page is a list of these tools.

Could you give some examples of “other python http client/server solutions”? Perhaps there isn’t an apples-to-oranges comparison; I suspect that aio-libs is more of “the only player” in its field, largely

Thanks, I don’t see any whys or explanations on that page. Just a list of other libs that use it.

For comparison, things like : http.server on server, or mechanize / robobrowser / mechanical soup, etc, on client.

In particular http.server has a ForkingMixin and a ThreadingMixin. Why would I use aiohttp over those? What are the differences / advantages?

It’s interesting that are many tools built on aiohttp. But nothing about why one would choose it to begin with.


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