Custom serialization: on the slate?

According to one of the core developers of the OpenXbox team, which currently maintains the flagship open-source library for interfacing with Microsoft’s Xbox Live API, the aio-libs HTTP client library lacks a feature which was present in the team’s previous choice of HTTP client library [whose name is apparently censored here]), custom request serialization, that it looks like Microsoft may be rendering necessary for some recent API endpoint functionality.

  • The Request signing implementation was written with the library httpx in mind, because it allows tunneling HTTP requests through some custom serializer (aka. Get URL path, headers and body) and pre-serialize the body so a distinct Signature can be calculated.
  • Currently however, xbox-webapi >v2.0 is utilizing aiohttp which does NOT support that in an easy fashion, so it’s not possible to use RequestSigner at this moment.

Is this something currently on the slate for aiohttp? Looking at the current code structure (v4.0.0a1#aiohttp/, it looks like it might not be too hard to add in.

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