Aiosmtpd 1.2.2 Released

aiosmtpd 1.2.2 is finally released

Notable changes from previous version:

  • SMTP AUTH implemented, with built-in logic for AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN
  • Support for Python 3.9.0
  • Drop support for Python < 3.6
  • Should be slightly faster overall due to some overhaul in hook discovery

Full NEWS click here

Available via PyPI.

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Weird question, but:

Do any existing

  • …other / higher-level libraries/frameworks/software
  • …websites or services (either directly / with an in-house implementation, or via a library/framework/software that builds on it)

currently use this?

Well, according to GitHub’s “dependents” page, there are 162 repos (27 packages) that depend on aiosmtpd. There are also some projects on GitLab that depend on aiosmtpd.

In any case, the motivation behind aiosmtpd is to be a replacement for smtpd in the Standard Library, as discussed in bpo-25008.