Aioredis maintainers

I’m user of the great aioredis library, but it seems that the project is pretty stale.
Cluster support development started 5 years ago and yet it’s still waiting to be merged/finished and a lot of PRs are stalling. I understand that this is an open source project and the maintainer has other responsibilities than maintaining the repository, but maybe it’s possible to add more maintainers?

Thanks a lot for the great projects,
A worried fellow developer & user.

Do you have a candidate or just requesting for more abstract maintainers?

The mentioned PR has the following words:

Note a lot of transaction stuff is quite hacky, but if you don’t intend it using that too heavily it should be fine.

It doesn’t sound mature, sorry.

I don’t mind stepping up.
Regarding the PR - The comment you mentioned is of another fork, not the original PR.

It seems still stale, CI is broken and plenty of PRs and open issues.
I offer myself as a candidate :slight_smile:

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