Aiocache maintainer

It seems that aiocache maintainer don’t have an active maintainer now. The last commit is one year ago.

There are some important changes in other libraries. For example, aioredis 2.0 changed many APIs but aiocache is not updated. I found that some developers launched great PRs but no one is responding them.

My question is how the library is maintained, and how to become a maintainer if possible?


I personally have no capacity for driving yet another FOSS project.
If you want to pick up the maintenance flag – please write your GitHub username.

There are no strong requirements for a champion, goodwill is the main rule.
I can help with direct technical and organization questions but have no time for everyday investment.

Thanks for understanding.

Sorry for late repsonse since I didn’t receive notificaiton (maybe my email setting on this forum is not correct).

Anyway, I found this library (aiocache) quite useful in our fastapi project, and I’m wiling to maintain it. My github username is tc-imba, same as the name here. I’m currently a PhD student in distributed systems, and I have another partner BoYanZh which could help as well. We are both quite experienced in Python asnycio programming and CI stuffs.

Any idea about how can I start on contributing to the project?